Daniel Dunn and Robert Blasiak will be participating in an exciting Facebook Live event by Science Advances to coincide with the start of the BBNJ Treaty negotiations and the publication of the corresponding special issue. It takes place onTuesday, September 4th, at 4:00PM EST.   To join this event and ask questions, go to https://www.facebook.com/ScienceAdvances/videos/664573037259022 and comment! For any questions, please email [email protected].

High Stakes on the High Seas – A Facebook Live on Science Advances Research In Coordination with UN Meeting

Human activity on the high seas, waters beyond the jurisdiction of any nation, is creating major challenges and risks. This summer’s special issue from Science Advances – including 8 new reports, all freely available – details these risks and challenges in a way the editors ofScience Advances hope will be useful to researchers and policy makers, including those at the UN Meeting on the Law of the Sea being held in New York City next week.

Please join us for a Facebook Live with researchers who published in this special Science Advances collection, and who will discuss relevant issues—and take questions. Among their findings are:

  • Only 30 institutions hold a full 84% of all patents related to marine specimens
  • Mining of mineral deposits on mid-ocean ridges is increasing, though scientists have ideas about how to design no-mining network areas, to help conserve deep-sea ecosystemsglobal industrial fishing is dominated by wealthy nations, and five nations in particular: China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Spain
  • Without government subsidies more than half of high seas fisheries would be unprofitable