Nereus Research Associate Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor (University of British Columbia – UBC) and Director (Science) William Cheung (UBC) will be attending the event ‘Towards an inclusive blue economy’, hosted by IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development) on February 25-26th in London, England. Andrés will help moderate a session called “Winners and losers: what fiscal tools can make fisheries work for the environment and people?”

This event will include ocean experts, policymakers, fisheries associations, business and civil society representatives, and stakeholders who will come together and discuss strategies for developing national economies that protect marine resources and people’s livelihoods and ensuring that the ocean’s benefits are shared equitably.

Some of the topics covered in the meeting will be the inclusive governance of the high seas (such as ABNJ – Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction), natural capital accounts for small-scale fisheries (e.g., helping the private sector and government understand their true value), and fiscal policies and governance issues relating to marine and coastal ecosystems. Participants in the event will also discuss how to ensure these policies and practices do not negatively impact marine life or people.

More detailed information about the event can be found on its website.