Nereus fellow Richard Caddell (Utrecht) will be attending the ICE LAW Project’s Workshop on Laws and Regulations Currently Guiding Human Behaviour in Icy Environments April 8 in Rovaniemi, Finland. Caddell will be giving a presentation entitled “After The Thaw: Ice Retreat and the Emerging Regulation of Newly Exposed Marine Areas”.

The workshop will explore the function of international law and management practices in guiding human activities near sea ice, and directions for further research.

About the Organizer:

“The ICE LAW Project investigates the potential for a legal framework that acknowledges the complex geophysical environment in the world’s frozen regions and explores the impact that an ice-sensitive legal system would have on topics ranging from the everyday activities of Arctic residents to the territorial foundations of the modern state.”

ICE LAW Project

University of Lapland
Yliopistonkatu 8, 96300 
Rovaniemi, Finland 
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