Andrew Merrie

Ph.D., Sustainability Science

2011-2016 Junior Research Fellow (Stockholm University)

Research Liason Officer, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Andrew completed his Ph.D. thesis titled Global Ocean Futures – Governance of marine fisheries in the Anthropocene. The thesis provides an analysis of how an adaptive governance approach can be applied to address existing and emerging challenges in global governance with a focus on marine, wild-capture fisheries. Andrew is now working on science communications and science-policy work at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. His work is in support of the Guidance For Resilience in the Anthropocene – Investments for Development program.


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“What has been interesting about the Nereus fellowship right from the beginning is that we are all here, all engaged in this monumental challenge of predicting the future of marine fisheries and the global oceans. My whole PhD has been grappling with that question- how do you say something valuable around the future of the oceans from a governance perspective?”