Kisei Tanaka

Ph.D., Ecology and Environmental Studies

2017-2019 Princeton University

Research Marine Biologist, NOAA Fisheries, Hawaii

Through multidisciplinary collaboration with government agencies and universities, Kisei focuses on modeling and quantitative methods that can facilitate adaptive ecosystem-based management framework in commercial fisheries under climate change. Kisei’s broad scholastic interests include fisheries ecology, population dynamics, and fisheries stock assessments and management. He is also interested in evaluating environmental impacts on spatiotemporal changes in fish distribution, analyzing the effectiveness of fisheries-monitoring programs, and studying coupled natural and human systems in fisheries.

Nereus Fellow Kisei Tanaka (Princeton University) writes a blog about species’ suitability to their surrounding habitat and how traditional ecological models take into account a species’ habitat preference and known geographic distribution. His research focuses on incorporating species’ evolutionary aspects and adaptations into models, to better reflect their suitability to a changing habitat and environment.

April 19, 2019 | Ecology

Nereus Fellow Kisei Tanaka (Princeton University) recently had a paper accepted by ICES Journal of Marine Science in which he and contributing authors use a modeling approach that incorporates environmental factors in assessing commercial fisheries influenced by climate, specifically the American lobster.

February 8, 2019 | FisheriesEcology

Nereus research fellow Kisei Tanaka (Princeton University) accepted a position as Research Scientist in the Conservation & Science department at Monterey Bay Aquarium, starting in August 2019.