Oai Li Chen

Ph.D., Aquaculture and Fisheries Economics

2017-2019 University of British Columbia

Oai Li Chen’s research focuses on drivers of change in the seafood markets and their implications for fisheries sustainability and the well being of fish producers and consumers, at the national and global levels. She is developing an integrated assessment model that links economic and biophysical components to explore co-benefits and trade-offs in global marine biodiversity, food provisioning and economic benefits under different development pathways for the future oceans.


Sumaila, U.R., Tai, T.C., Lam, V.W., Cheung, W.W., Bailey, M., Cisneros-Montemayor, A.M., Chen, O.L. and Gulati, S.S. (2019). Benefits of the Paris Agreement to ocean life, economies, and peopleScience advances5(2), p.eaau3855 link

Golden, C. D., Seto, K. L., Dey, M. M., Chen, O. L., Gephart, J. A., Myers, S. S., Smith, M., Vaitla, B., Allison. E. H., 2017, Does Aquaculture Support the Needs of Nutritionally Vulnerable Nations?Frontiers in Marine Science, 4, 10.3389/fmars.2017.00159, link

Press Release: Nereus Program members Rashid Sumaila, Vicky Lam, William Cheung, Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor, Oai Li Chen, and co-authors published a study in Science Advances today, ‘Climate Target Could Net Additional Billions in Fisheries Revenue’. You can read the press release from UBC and access the article here.

February 27, 2019 | Climate ChangeFisheries

Nereus’s Vicky Lam, William Cheung, Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor and Oai Li Chen from University of British Columbia (UBC) are all co-authors on an article with Rashid Sumaila recently published in Science Advances, entitled ‘Benefits of the Paris Agreement to ocean life, economies, and people’. The authors investigated how implementing the Paris Agreement could protect top-revenue generating catch globally, impacting fishers’ revenues, seafood workers’ income and household seafood expenditure.