Tom Spencer

Ph.D., Geography

University of Cambridge

Tom Spencer is Reader in Coastal Ecology and Geomorphology and the Director of Cambridge Coastal Research Unit at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on physical geography at the interface between geomorphology and the geological and biological sciences, with particular reference to coral reefs and associated ecosystems (seagrass, mangroves) and coastal geomorphology.


Lam, V.W., Chavanich, S., Djoundourian, S., Dupont, S., Gaill, F., Holzer, G., Isensee, K., Katua, S., Mars, F., Metian, M. and Hall-Spencer, J.M., (2019). Dealing with the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and AsiaRegional Studies in Marine Science, p.100560. link