Daniel Pauly

Ph.D., Fisheries Biology

University of British Columbia

Daniel Pauly is the Chair of the Nereus Steering Committee and a member of the Advisory Board. He is Professor at the University of British Columbia and the Principal Investigator of the Sea Around Us Program. His research focuses on the global impact of fishing on the world’s oceans and he has developed the concept of shifting baseline and fishing down marine food webs.

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Jeffrey Polovina

Ph.D., Statistics

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Research interests include investigations of: i) migrations and habitats of large pelagic animals including turtles, tunas, whale sharks, and whales with satellite telemetry and remotely-sensed oceanographic data, ii) the impacts of climate variation and climate change on marine fisheries and ecosystems, and iii) advancing our understanding of ecosystem dynamics with satellite remote sensing data, fisheries observer and logbook data, and ecosystem and climate models.

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Philippe Cury

Ph.D., Biomathematics

University of Paris VII-Jussieu

Philippe Cury is senior scientist at IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement). He is the Director of the CRH (Centre de Recherche Halieutique Méditerranéenne et Tropicale) based in Sète France, and of the UMR-EME 212 IRD-Ifremer and University Montpellier 2. He is the scientific coordinator of the Eur-Oceans Consortium that leads research on building scenarios for marine ecosystems at the European level.

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