Wilf Swartz

Ph.D, Fisheries Economics

Program Manager

2012-2014 Senior Research Fellow (University of British Columbia)

Wilf Swartz is a program manager of Nereus program. While most of his past work focused on examining global seafood consumption in the context of fleet expansion and international governance of fisheries subsidies, Wilf Swartz now focuses primarily on seafood supply chain management. Specifically, his current research interests include corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies in the seafood industry, sustainability standards in aquaculture, and modeling of price-setting mechanisms under perishability constraints (e.g. the fresh fish market in Japan).

Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor

Ph.D., Fisheries Economics

Program Manager/Research Associate

2014-2016 Senior Research Fellow (University of British Columbia)

Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor is a resource economist specializing in applied fisheries management and ecosystem services. His research touches on optimal economic policies, co-management, transboundary fisheries, ecotourism, and small-scale and Indigenous fisheries, always with a view to achieving sustainable resource use in a changing world.

Tomoka Sweet

Program Administrator

University of British Columbia

Tomoka Sweet received a Bachelor of Law degree from Sophia University in Tokyo. After graduating, she was hired by Reuters as a Product Manager for Reuters News and Financial information products. She later joined Weber Shandwick as a PR Consultant, leading media & communication projects for Japanese and international companies. Since moving to Canada, she has held financial, administration and project management positions.

Vicky Lam

Ph.D., Fisheries Economics

Program Manager/Research Associate

Vicky Lam is a Fisheries Economist and is currently working on a global catch reconstruction project. She completed her PhD under the supervision of Rashid Sumaila in Resources Management and Environmental Studies at the Fisheries Centre, UBC in 2013. Lam’s research interests focus on understanding the effect of climate change on the economics of major commercial marine fisheries at the global scale.

Patrick Boutet

Assistant Program Manager

University of British Columbia

After receiving a diploma in Information Technology and Systems Management, Patrick then went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Computing Science at the University of Alberta. He has worked in the industry as a Sys Admin and Developer, then in research as a Bioinformatician and Molecular Biologist. Now alongside the Nereus Program, he also consults as a Technologist and Full Stack Developer, a volunteer Bioinformatician, and an IT and Data support Analyst.