Nereus Principal Investigator Jack Kittinger (Conservation International, Arizona State University) is featured in Human Nature: Conservation International Blog in the piece ‘Meet a scientist: The sustainable-seafood guru‘. In addition to collaborating as a part of the Nereus Program, Jack is also the senior director of the global fisheries and aquaculture program for Conservation International (CI). In an effort to introduce their scientists to the American public, Olivia Desmit of CI interviewed Jack Kittinger to learn more about his background and insights into responsible seafood consumption. He is asked questions such as: What made him want to work in the seafood industry? What does he think progress in the seafood industry looks like? What does he consider the top three issues in the global seafood industry right now? And of course – importantly – How does one make sure that they’re eating sustainably and responsibly sourced seafood? You can read the full interview with Jack here.

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