“I think what inspires me most about this group is that it values a diverse array of approaches to research. We reward the type of disciplinary flexibility and freedom that most academic organizations tend to smother. Nereus lets us be who we want to be, not who they want us to be.” – Daniel Dunn, Nereus Program PI

Lightning Recap:

50 Nereus fellows, PIs and Staff gathered at the University of Washington in Seattle this week to provide updates on ongoing research and discuss opportunities for collaboration. Highlights included a keynote talk by Concepcion Aisa, Senior Financial Officer at The World Bank Treasury and Mitsuyuki Unno, Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation.

Topics Covered:

  • Climate Change & Marine biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Climate Change, fisheries and seafood supply
  • Social World of the Ocean
  • Well-Being in Coastal Communities
  • Nereus Integrated Assessment Modeling
  • Ocean Governance
  • Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction
  • Small Scale Fisheries
  • Socially Responsible Seafood
  • Integrating Species Distribution Modeling and Food Web Models
  • Developing ecological forecasts for marine species
  • Social Equity: Bridging the gap between the research community and marine resource user communities
  • Incorporating AIS data into our research
  • Fisheries Conflicts
  • Communication: Innovations in Ocean Storytelling

For info on who to get in touch with on any of these topics, email [email protected].

Researchers gathered to share findings during meeting

Robert Blasiak presenting his research on marine genetic patents