Responding to the recent Science Policy Forum article co-authored by Nereus PI Malin Pinsky (Rutgers University), Nereus colleague Jack Kittinger (PI, Arizona State University), with Transform Aqorau and Johann Bell, write that the future proofing of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO) for potential impacts of climate change is well under way in the South Pacific (‘Good governance for migratory species’, Science September 21, 2018). While Pinsky et al. cautioned that major gaps in current governance frameworks may spill over into international conflicts over geographic redistribution of fisheries resources, Aqorau et al. believe measures such as the Parties to the Nauru Agreement’s (PNA) Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) provide “a shining example” of how regions can cooperatively manage highly migratory species, like skipjack tuna, that are predicted to shift their distribution as climate and ocean conditions change in the future.

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