Nereus Principal Investigator Quentin Hanich (University of Wollongong) was recently named Editor-in-Chief for the journal Marine Policy and is joined by Nereus Director of Policy Yoshitaka Ota (University of Washington) and Megan Bailey (Dalhousie University) as Associate Editors. Marine Policy is the leading journal that specializes in ocean policy studies and contains important and relevant articles on a broad array of ocean-related topics that include domestic and international marine policies, management and regulation of marine fisheries and shipping, marine pollution, conflict resolution, and many others. Contributors to the journal comprise of marine economists, ecologists, international lawyers, marine resource managers, anthropologists, political scientists, and other related disciplines. According to Hanich, “[they] are all passionate that Marine Policy will continue to provide a broad platform for applied marine research relevant to the formulation of marine policy.” You can read more about Marine Policy here, which contains a more detailed version of the above description.

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