Hubert Du Pontavice

M.Sc, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Agrocampus Ouest

Hubert Du Pontavice is a Ph.D. student at Agrocampus Ouest (France) and at the University of British Columbia. He has a background in fisheries and aquatic sciences with a specialization in dynamics of aquatic ecosystems and resources. Hubert’s research focuses on the functioning of food webs induced by fisheries and climate change. The objective of the project is to analyze and model the impacts of changes in species assemblages on the global parameters of the functioning of marine food webs.


Maureaud, A. Gascual, D., Colléter, M., Palomares, M. L. D., Pontavice, H. D., Pauly, D., Cheung, W. W. L., 2017, Global change in the trophic functioning of marine food webs, PLoS ONE,, link