Written by Nereus Fellow Solène Guggisberg,

Nereus Fellow Solène Guggisberg (Utrecht University) will participate in a workshop on Ocean Finance, which will take place on 6-7 December 2018 at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The workshop is organized by the editors of the Marine Policy Special Issue on “Funding for Sustainable Fisheries and Ocean Conservation”, Colette Wabnitz and Robert Blasiak, both members of the Nereus Program. The workshop’s aims are to present contributions to the Marine Policy Special Issue and to further discuss key issues in this field, such as funding allocation decisions and tracking financial resources from donors.

Solène Guggisberg will present her paper entitled “Funding coastal and marine fisheries projects under the climate change regime”, in which she examined the projects related to fisheries which are financed by the four multilateral funds created within the climate change regime. A majority of the marine fisheries projects focus on the countries that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change on marine fisheries. However, many vulnerable countries still do not receive financial support for adaptation in the marine fisheries sector. In any case, the existence of adaptation projects focused on coastal and marine fisheries may serve to promote the mainstreaming of ocean-related questions into the climate change regime.

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