Phil Underwood

Ph.D., Theoretical Ecology

University of Cambridge/WCMC

2014-2018 Research Fellow (University of Cambridge/WCMC)

Senior Modeller, ADAS

Phil Underwood works with the Madingley model to validate its use as a policy informing tool in relation to fisheries and food security. As a member of the Nereus Program, Underwood will be working to better understand the relationship between oceanic ecosystems and human societies. To this end he will improve the ecological realism of the Madingley Model in order to generate future projections of fisheries in a global context.


Tittensor, D.P., Eddy, T.D., Lotze, H.K., Galbraith, E.D., Cheung, W.W.L., Barange, M., Blanchard, J., Bopp, L., Bryndum-Buchholz, A., Büchner, M., Bulman, C., Carozza, D.A., Christensen, V., Coll, M., Dunne, J.P, Fernandes, J.A., Fulton, E.A., Hobday, A., Huber, V., Jennings, S., Jones, M., Lehodey, P., Link, J.S., Mackinson, S., Maury, O., Niiranen, S., Oliveros-Ramos, R., Roy, T., Schewe, J., Shin, Y.J., Silva, T., Stock, C.A., Steenbeek, J., Underwood, P.J., Volkholz, J., Watson, J., Walker, N.  2018. A protocol for the intercomparison of marine fishery and ecosystem models: Fish-MIP v1.0. Geoscientific Model Development 11: 1421-1442  link

Murphy, E. J., Thorpe, S. E., Tarling, G. A., Watkins, J. L., Fielding, S., Underwood, P., 2017, Restricted regions of enhanced growth of Antarctic krill in the circumpolar Southern OceanScientific Reports, 7, doi:10.1038/s41598-017-07205-9, link

Nereus Program Fellow Phil Underwood (Cambridge-WCMC) attended the Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research (AMEMR) Conference, which took place between July 3 and July 6, 2017 at the Roland Levinsky Building of the University of Plymouth.

July 24, 2017

Nereus Fellow Phil Underwood (Cambridge/UNEP-WCMC) gave a presentation at the Friends of Madingley Symposium on May 6th at the David Attenborough Building at the University of Cambridge, which aimed to bring together the community of researchers working on the Madingley Model and to discuss the latest advancements.

May 20, 2016 | Biodiversity

Past Event

3 July 2017 - 6 July 2017

Phil Underwood (Cambridge-WCMC) will be delivering a poster presentation at the Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling (AMEMR) Conference July 3-6 at the University of Plymouth, UK. The conference will bring together researchers to showcase their work and establish collaborative networks to advance the use of modelling in marine ecosystem research.

Integrating Catch Data into Madingley

Philip Underwood Nereus Annual General Meeting 2016 UBC, Vancouver, Canada May 30 to June 3, 2016